MATIL is established at 2012 to provide iron and steel focused;

  • Research & Development
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Technology Development and Consultancy
  • Technical Education
  • Accredited Laboratory Services

Being commence into operations at 2016, as a Research and Development Center MATIL offers, technical competencies for production of new steel qualites, cost reduction and quality improvement researches via its pilot scale steel production simulation laboratory and accredited physical, mechanical and chemical analysis laboratories.

Alongside technical solutions MATIL also provides technical educations specialized in developing and promoting innovative programs to meet the evolving needs of the steel sector with uniting academia and industry.

With its qualified personnel, pioneering engineering solutions, continuing education programs, internationaly valid accredited test and analysis services along with strong and leading-edge laboratory infrastructure, MATIL became a common meeting place and a solution partner for steel industry and also a contact point for international cooperations.